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showbox for pc windows android free

download showbox for PC windows android free

The Showbox for PC application is a free television series/shows and movie online streaming application that is available for Android. What makes the Showbox app for PC so popular among Android device users is that it gives them with an opportunity to stream online all the awesome movies and TV shows that they wanted to watch from a long time for free, that too in HD quality.

Sadly, the Showbox Android application is not available in the official Google Play Store. Which means, to enjoy the awesome Showbox for PC Android application, you will have to manually install the Showbox application on your Android device after downloading the Showbox APK for Android.

The Showbox Android app is really great as it is free and also has hundreds of popular movie and TV show titles. But, the experience of a software that can stream free movies and TV shows online in HD quality would be much awesome on a Windows powered PC rather than on an Android device.

If you do wish to enjoy the awesome experience of the Showbox app on Windows PC, then here we are with a simple, easy to understand and short guide on how to install and run Showbox for PC on Windows.

Showbox App Features:

Psyched about the Showbox app for PC?

Are you ready to install and enjoy the application on your PC or maybe on your Android device?

Well, before you actually do that, take a look on the important features of the Showbox for PC:

  • Awesome HD quality content including latest movies and television shows from almost every other popular movie studios and television broadcasters out there.

  • Easy to use interface along with snappy UI performance.

  • Very low buffering times compared to its competitors.

  • Ability to download any shows from television or movies of your choice or you can even opt to watch them online.

  • Takes less space of your internal storage.

  • Support for Android versions from Android 4.0 Kitkat and above, along with support for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows XP operating system versions.

  • Regularly updated app for bug fixes.

  • Regularly updated library to add all the latest movie and TV show or series titles.

  • Active Showbox users are regularly provided with points that can be redeemed for gifts and discounts.

  • The Showbox application for Android and Windows powered PC currently features over 10,000 movies spanned across different popular genres.

  • Regular notifications provided to users about movies that are trending currently or has just released across theaters near you.

  • You can also request the Showbox team to add a new movie or TV show that you wish to watch on their application.
From the features of the Showbox for PC app listed above, it is very clear that the Showbox for PC is the application that you have been waiting to be released for Windows and Android. Among all the features of the Showbox app for Windows, the most attractive one is that it allows you to enjoy any movies or TV shows for free with your friends, family or loved ones within the comfort of your living room couch and whenever you want to.

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Showbox for Android download and use:

If you wish to experience the Showbox app experience on your Android device before actually installing it on your Windows PC, then below is how to install Showbox on Android for free:
  1. Download the Showbox app APK from internet on to your computer.

  2. Enable “installation of applications from third-party sources” under Settings on your Android device.

  3. Connect any Android device of your choice to the PC.

  4. Copy and then paste the APK file that you downloaded in Step 1 to either the internal or the external storage space of your Android device.

  5. Now disconnect your Android device safely from the PC.

  6. Assuming that you already have a file explorer application installed on your Android device, launch the same.

  7. Now navigate to the APK file that you copied to your Android device in Step 3 using the file explorer.

  8. Click on the APK file.

  9. The installation procedures for Showbox on Android will now begin.

  10. Give access to all the permissions that the app asks for while installation.
The installation of the Showbox APK on your Android device will just take a few moments. Wait patiently. And then you can start enjoying all the awesome features of Showbox app on Android.

How to Download and install Showbox for PC?

To the disappointment of all the Showbox Android app fans out there, there is no version of Showbox that supports the Windows operating system officially, yet.

However, today with the help of the largely popular BlueStacks Emulator software, we will be able to download, install and then run the Showbox for PC app on Windows. The BlueStacks Android Emulator software is one of the best tools out there that allows you to run almost every other Android application out there on your Windows powered PC without any hassles, bugs or any other issues.

So, below is the deeply explained tutorial that we promised on how to download and install the Showbox for PC on Windows powered desktops and laptops:

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator for Android for Windows PC from http://www.bluestacks.com/download.html.

  2. Download the Showbox APK file from the link given above in showbox for android section.

  3. Launch the BlueStacks app, and a new window for the software will appear.

  4. Then you will need to create an account or login to the BlueStacks software.

  5. If you already have a Google account which you use on your Android device to download apps and games from the Play Store, you can use the same to login to the BlueStacks Emulator software from your PC.

  6. After you are logged in, you will be presented with the home page of the BlueStacks app.

  7. Now, navigate to the Showbox APK file that you downloaded in Step 2 above (mostly should be in your desktop’s downloads folder).

  8. Right-click on the APK file.

  9. From the drop-down menu that appears, hover over the Open With option.

  10. And now, from the list that shows, choose the “BlueStacks APK Handler” option.

  11. Now the BlueStacks Android Emulator software will install the Showbox APK on your PC.

  12. The installation may take some while depending on your computer, so be patient.

After the installation is completed, it is recommended that you restart the BlueStacks Android Emulator software.

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And viola! You can now begin enjoying the Showbox app and all its super-cool features on your Windows powered PC for absolutely free.

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