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truecaller for pc desktop

truecaller for pc windows desktop free download

True caller from is one app which you can expect ion most of the Android smartphones. A lot of users are using it top find out the name of the caller. Several people call you, which is beyond your saved contacts database. 
In many cases, marketers and trollers are calling you using the Internet or multi-connected phones, and you can find the name of the person on the right caller. The app also offers you to block those callers whom you don't want to receive calls from and making the app extremely useful.

truecaller for pc desktop

Almost 89% of the users do not know about the app, and its features, which usually breaks into their privacy and steal information or so something worse than that. The app is developed for iOS, Android, BB 10, and Windows Phone.

Once you have finished with the downloading part, then you have to install it. Launch the app, and you have to use your EMAIL ID (Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo.). Now let's take you to the tour of features and other aspects which you need to read.

Truecaller For PC


  • The Trucaller concept is to find out the person identity or give you a hint about the individual who is calling from an unsaved number. Currently, the app is standing on the top and is the first app which came into existence.

  • Many of you receive calls from the Unknown or unsaved number, and you won't be able to guess who that is and where is he calling from but with the proper use, you can find out a little information about the caller.

  • There is a list called "Spam," so you will be able to tell the difference between an individual call or Marketing calls. You can avoid spam and unwanted calls from the marketers.

  • If you have people on your list, who are spammers, then you can add them to the "BLACKLIST" directory, which will block them from calling you.

  • In several occasions, you can see the profile picture of the person. There is a guarantee that you will be seeing the latest photo of the person or an accurate picture. Few people set their profile picture of a baby or a celebrity so that it can happen to you.

  • Those who have used the Truecaller using their email or social login then their EMAIL address is also displayed on it.

  • If you have a name, then you can search for a person on the True caller, which will help you find a lost friend number and get back into the contact. You need to have the most accurate name, the more details you have, the better results you can expect from the True Caller. The results are pretty dark because you can find 1000's of results under the same name, your time will be consumed.

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TrueCaller Cons

Several users are not aware of the latest app features on the Truecaller, and you never get to read about their CONS.

  • The app shows few irrelevant information, and in some cases, the names do not match.

  • The biggest question about the app is your privacy and security.

  • Today's generation does not care much about the profile picture and names going out in the public phones, but few are concerned about it.


Your Privacy

I know that several of you have already installed the app on your smartphone or TABS but did you know how your photo and information on Truecaller? If you have never tested that then what are you waiting for? Some of you can find your name. Pictures funny. There is always one in your friend's list which saves your contact using a pet name, which will be exposed to the others, which can land you into trouble.

  • When you are registering with the Truecaller, they gain access to your CONTACTS, EMAIL Contacts, Media into it and more. You are giving remote access to your information to unknown people, whom you have never met nor don't know where the info lands. Most of your data is saved into the database of Truecaller. What if a hacker attacks the Database and the get a copy of it?

  • Well, those who have registered recently will have access to the Truecaller database, which allows them to type a NAME and lookout for someone they want to know.
It does not matter what they claim, but you have the right to know what things do they have access to your account, that is what is important at this point. So let's look at this stuff.

Profile & Contact List

The moment you sign in, they take control over your account Profile (Everything in profile tab) to contact list (Sent & Received emails ).

Access To Your Info Anytime

Each month there are changes in our accounts, so the Truecaller take over control to update their database with recent info (Old info will not be deleted from their database). They can log in to your account anytime and upload information into their database.

Access Phone Numbers

If you think you are smart, then let me inform you that Truecaller access your contact list every time you turn on your 2G, 3G, 4G or Wifi.

You are responsible for your actions. Treucallers servers always connected to the Internet, and the world has hackers and threats who can access their database remotely without them knowing about it.

NOTE: Remember, once you use your EMAIL to CONNECT to the Truecaller then there is no way you can remove or delete the info sent to the Truecaller.

How To Download & Run Truecaller On Your PC

You need an Android Simulator to run it. You can use the latest version of BLUESTACKS. You don't have to be an expert in downloading or installing the app on your PC.

Bluestacks is a popular Android simulator, which offers you to access all Android games and apps on your PC without any glitch or a smartphone. You can download the program, which is around 300MB.
  • After the installation is complete, there will be a search box, which you have to search for the app.

  • Type in "Truecaller" into the search box and look for it.

  • After that, you have to tap on the ICON and INSTALL

  • Launch the installed app on your PC.

  • Make sure to sign into the "Gmail or Microsoft" account to access the features.

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The world is using the latest version of the Truecaller on their smartphone. If you are someone who has never used it before, then you should read the above info about the app, so that you can make a proper decision. We would love to your know your experience and thoughts on it in the comments below.

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