Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Best iPhone Apps with Manual Camera Features

iPhone apps that have manual camera features provide better settings control such as ISO, shutter speed and focus. If you encounter difficulties when balancing light and shadows, a manual camera app for iPhone can be very useful.

Also, if you want to take a shot, but the environment lighting is not that good; a manual camera app can help you. Although these apps are not that necessary, it is wise to consider having one in your smartphone.

Here are some of the best iPhone apps with manual camera features.


This manual camera app is new in the market. Besides letting users control some elements independently, it makes use of a technique known as focus peaking. This is a feature that allows users to highlight what they need in focus. This results in the creation of a bokeh effect on the foreground or the background.

There are two more features that make Focus unique; the white balance and fill flash. White balance uses a Live Preview window that is easy to implement. On the other hand, Fill flash allows users to capture photos without the remnants and negative effects left by the flash.

The fact that there are other more advanced apps than Focus does not necessarily make that this app is inferior. It has its unique features.

 Price: $1.99 download


This is a sleek, simple to use and powerful manual camera app. It is ideal for users who are starting to use manual camera apps and know nothing much about them. This is because its user interface is far lesser confusing compared to other advanced manual apps.

However, this does not mean that Manual is not powerful. Its gesture-driven interface makes it one of the most powerful manual camera apps around. People who have used Snapseed before will find Manual interface easier to use. It is easy to adjust shutter speed and ISO settings by just holding and sliding down or up.

Because Manual displays live preview on changes made to the settings, it is easy to get a clear picture of the result.

 Price : $1.99 download 

ProCam 3

procam3 for photo-video editing
This manual camera app is a little bit complex. Its learning curve is somehow steeper compared to most other manual apps. However, its features are remarkable making the steep learning curve worthwhile after all.

It does not only offers manual photos control but manual video control as well. This app is in a position to produce longer videos because of its ability to pause and resume the same clip.

This feature comes in handy for people looking to use it for filming purposes. Similar to many other high-quality DSLR cams, the ProCam 3 app allows users to input copyright information so that their photographs can contain the metadata they want.

Users who are finding it hard to use the ProCam user interface should consider using Shoot, which is a scaled-down version of ProCam 3. Its user interface is easier to use and costs lesser.

 Price : $4.99 download

ProCamera + HDR

procamera+hdr iphone camera app
IPhone users do not need to have ProCamera as their all-time camera. However, it has high range dynamic shot abilities that are extremely awesome. It can produce the most vivid and accurate results without over-saturation of the images or making them appear unrealistic.

Similar to most other manual camera apps, the ProCamera + HDR provides users with Live Previews of their photos, Apple Watch integration timer and much more. Users who find themselves torn between ProCamera and ProCam 3 should consider settling for either since they are almost the same.

However, the type of photos they often take should guide them in making the right choice. If they take numerous outdoor photos, the HDR is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if they are more into videos, the ProCam 3 is the real deal.

Price: $4.99 Download


According to Glozine world news today, manual camera apps have become popular with iPhone users. They play great roles in ensuring that people take high-quality photos regardless of bad lighting.

People who are faced with difficulties when it comes to balancing between light and shadows when taking photos should consider downloading any of these iphone apps. They allow better control of settings including ISO, focus as well as shutter speed. They also provide easy to learn user interface that promises wonderful experience.

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