Monday, February 3, 2020

must have apps for iphone while traveling abroad

I can bet that you if you are traveling abroad for the first time or a frequent traveler,you would be in need of some of the best apps which could make your travel more smooth and add more happy memories to it.

That's why here i have come up with some of the best travel apps for iphone which i use and many other people use to travel with bliss all around .

so come on ,lets take a look at my tiny list of some of the great travel apps which you may find them useful while traveling abroad or outstation to enjoy your holidays with your friends and family or solo trips :D 

1. Google Maps

Google maps is one of the best options you can have on your iPhone while on transit to see the beautiful wonders of the world without being lost like a wanderer on the nomadic streets of London or Brisbane path ways ,it will guide you through every street corner and every popular route to reach your desired destination on time .

Although it seems that many people would be using apple maps without any complaint but i still think that google maps have an edge over apple maps in many areas anytime.

So it would be advised to everyone traveling abroad to get google maps installed on their iphone right away for easy transit and safe travel full of enjoyment and fun all around .

 Price : Free -Download

2. Expenses OK

Traveling abroad with budget in your mind ,then its a must have app to manage your expenses easily without any problems in its simple and user friendly GUI which will make sure you will not run out of your budget any time soon and would be able to enjoy your trip with bliss all around without running our of money provided you keep an eye on your expenses and impromptu spending on shopping which will add to your bills .

Its a very versatile and easy to use app for expense tracking and saving time and money any time ,so go ahead get this one for you on your iphone .

Still if you are already using it and want something different and change your current app then you can try Amount

Price : INR 10 Download

3. Sky Scanner

Sky scanner is one of my favorite app for booking flights at economical rates and finding best routes to travel .sky scanner gives me seemless experience without any glitches on using it ,moreover we also get frequent flyer miles where ever possible as a reward .

It is a feature rich app which comes in 30 languages and easy to use GUI for booking flights with ease ,you can refine your search preferences according to your needs and look out for recent search history etc .

Its available free of cost without any price ,so go ahead download it now if you wanna save some bucks on your flights

Price : Free -Download

4. Airbnb

If you are heading outstation on holidays then its a must have app to live like local without compromising on your budget and luxury you want .

You can bargain with home owners and get to live like a native of that place in your preferred area of choice which suits you or is close to tourist destination in city or some place in solitude etc

On Airbnb you can book small apartments to big penthouses according to your need and budget .Take my word ,once you will try this ,next time you will think twice while booking a hotel and not using Airbnb for local place to stay  .

 Price : free -download

5. iTranslate Voice 

If you are traveling to a foreign country where they don't speak your native language or English, which is quite popular in a large number of countries, then it must that you should have a translation app to communicate with people over there.

Earlier people use to carry a dictionary with them, but as the technological advancements have come, many mobile apps have arrived to make translation and communication easy with people of different nationalities.

iTranslate voice is a nice little app which gives you a lot of translation features and translates the words and phrases very fast .you can work with it on any language in world if you got internet connection on your phone, if not it will not be of much use and you can try its offline alternative apps Like Odeyssey series 

With iTranslate Voice you can communicate in real-time with anyone without typing, moreover, you can also tap the English icon and type what I’d like to say and get a result instantly to communicate fast and easily.

Not to forget that if the other person is also having iTranslate Voice installed on their phone, then you can pair your phone together and communicate via your iPhones easily. Also, it features a Phrasebook function which allows you to say anything you want to remember for later, or frequently used sentences, etc.

Price : $6.99 Download

6. Uber

Uber is a must have taxi app for everytime where its operational ,it helps us to save the money on travel and gives us cabs on time at our destination , so we don't have to look out for roadsides any more to get a cab to our destination .

With uber you get many options like uber XL for big car,uber luxury for luxury sedan booking etc at rates which would not burn hole in your pockets .

So go ahead ,download uber and take your first ride on it ,don't forget to share your experience with us in comments section below .

 Price : Free -Download

7. Foursquare

Foursquare is the app which will guide you like a friend to get everything according to your taste in the places you have not visited earlier from the plethora of information it contains in its database .

foursquare helped me to find out the best mexican restaurant while i was traveling mexico and to get delicious Italian food in italy and all the popular food joints in delhi, india .

Its free to use ,so go ahead and download and you will definitely find in interesting to use while on the go .

Price : free -download

8.  Planes Live - Flight Status Tracker and Aircraft Radar

Its a flight tracking app which helps you to track your flights current status in real time easily ,so while traveling to look out for exact timing of the flights you can use this app easily without any problems .

This app makes it easy for you to Track the flights of your family members and friends while they are traveling and find the best time to pick them up at the airport without any delays .

If you want something different then this app then you can try App in the air to explore more options etc

Price : $3.99 Download

Moreover if you like to connect with near and dear one's at home then you can download facetime app to connect with them at home and have live video conversion with at them when they are at home using facetime for pc to stay connected and have fun .

I hope you liked our tiny collection of some of the must have best travel apps ,lets us know what all iphone apps you use while traveling in the comment section below.

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