Sunday, February 23, 2020

iphone apps to learn music

Life is never too short for learning anything new and when its your passion its more beautiful .learning music can be your passion or hobby which you want to peruse further , keeping this need in the mind we have come up with some awesome music apps for iphone which would help you to learn music because its said that music helps you to heal your self from within which ultimate helps you to perform better in every area of your life , whether its study or office work you will always excel in your work .

although their may be large number of instrument specific apps in app store to play different instrument , but here i have tried to list down some of the apps which will help you to strengthen your music skills and learn more about music theory to become a better musician before you become a better instrument player .

so come on guys lets take a look at the some of the awesome music apps below 

1. Time Guru

time guru

It's a nice little metronome app created by a musician that drops the sound and beats sequentially to control your inner self and your music to make you more strong in music.

Some of the amazing Features of Time guru are as follows
-the ability to play in different time signatures or sequences of time signatures
-create rhythmic drum-machine like patterns
-save presets for tempo, meter, sound and muting-
-35 loud sound sets;
-Human or robot voice counting in English, Chinese, French, German or Russian - great for teaching!
-tap tempo (5 to 300 BPM range)

once to buy it ,you will not regret it as many people have rated this app 4 stars because of its awesomeness.

for the price point of $2.99 its a good app and a bargain for what you get .so go ahead and download it.

Price - $2.99-Download

2. GarageBand

It's an awesome app packed with lots of stuff to mingle with your music and instrument playing skills just like on the instrument. you can become a DJ by mixing few tracks and play drums and do more on it as it seems to be musical sketchpad.


Thousands of people have rated it 5 stars because of its awesome features packed in in little app that comes at $4.99 which makes it a must have app for any music lover as it got a built in metronome in it which can help you to take your music skills to different level and even make some new tracks and layers of music to come out with new tunes e

Price : $4.99-Download

3. Semitones

semitones music app for iphone
If you know little about music the you would be knowing that , a half step is called a semitone. It’s really important to be able to distinguish different intervals and keep track of your intervals and chords along with semitones in various instruments like piano to get a good music rhythm and play a good tune every time without any hiccups .so this app helps you in recognize musical intervals and much more to keep your tune,semitones and rhythms correct

Semitones is a useful app for music students and music experts to ramp up their music knowledge and fluency in free time in a fun and challenging manner .

Some of the awesome features of semitones iphone app are as follows 
- Learn to recognize intervals from minor seconds to octaves.
- Study minor, major, diminished and even augmented triads.
- Easy to use: no internet connection or in-app purchases required.
- Use headphones for optimal experience.

Price : $3.99-Download

4. TheoryLessons

theory lessons music app for iphone

Its a awesome app featuring 39 Theory Lessons, presented in their original animated versions which would help you learn all about music in a very friendly way as it is dived in various modules and sections covering various different topics relevant to particular like rhythm and meter, scales and key signatures, chords and much more to keep your music knowledge  fresh all the time .

its like a little hand book of music which would helpful for both novice and experts to get something more out of it all the time without spending too much on books etc .

Moreover you can also try another app of this website Tenuto which comes with exercises and examples to get your hands on and learn more while playing .

so if you are a music freak or just getting started ,then go ahead and download this app and you will enjoy having it in your iphone .

Price : $2.99-Download
These iphone apps will help you get started with the music journey,if you like them that's nice ,if you use something thing else then let us know in comment section below and also which one out of these you liked the most if you started using them .

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