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movie box for pc windows free download

MovieBox for PC Windows Free Download

One of the major uses of the large screens that we get these days with our Smartphone’s these days is entertainment. Entertainment options on a Smartphone is not restricted to only playing games on your device, but also enjoy video content such as movies.

There are several ways in which you can watch movies on your device powered by either Android or iOS these days. Either you can go the old fashioned way of copying movie files from your desktop or other sources to your Android or iOS device and then view it, or else you can use applications that are available for free that lets you watch movies on either your Android or iOS powered devices without any hassles.

The MovieBox app is one such application available for both Android and iOS that lets you watch movies for free without the need of any payments or any other boring formalities.

Why Download MovieBox for PC ?

However, when it comes to Windows powered PC though, there are no such applications that can let you watch movies for free without any issues. If you are one of the many Windows PC users who are facing with a similar issue of not having any application to watch free movies, then you need not worry anymore, as the MovieBox app is now available for Windows PC as well. And today we will take you through the procedures needed to install and start using the MovieBox app for PC.

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Features and Uses of MovieBox App for PC:

If you are new to the Movie Box application and wants to know more about MovieBox for PC, Android and iOS, then below are some of the features and uses of the MovieBox app for PC, Android and iOS:
  • Awesome and unique design and user interface.

  • Allows you to create separate lists of videos that you have already watched and videos that you would like to watch in the future.

  • Apart from helping you find your favorite movies and TV shows within the application, the MovieBox app also helps you discover new television series and movies that relates to your already watched videos so that you never run out of movies or TV shows even if you complete the current one that you are watching.

  • If you are going to check out a new movie or a television show, you can try checking out the cast of the television show or the movie, and even watch a preview of what you are about to watch. So that in case the movie or TV show you are about to watch seems boring, you can move away.

  • You can also find movies based on popular ratings and you will also be able to give ratings after watching any movie.

  • Random movies are categorized under Popular, New Releases, Top Rated and Coming Soon so that you never run out of movie suggestions.

  • MovieBox features also include letting you create your own customized list of movies so as to help other MovieBox users find the best collection of movies.

  • MovieBox use on PC also include helping you find movies based on your location so that you do not miss any awesome regional movie.

  • If you are someone who is interested to read summaries of movies before actually watching them, you can also find brief descriptions for every movies listed in the MovieBox app for PC.

  • Support for languages such as French, German, Turkish and English is also available.

  • You can also watch latest movie trailers of movies from around the world as it gets released and also find wall posters and other artworks of your favorite movies as well.

How to Download MovieBox for PC ?

If you are interested in installing the MovieBox app on PC, then today we are here with a guide that covers the installation processes on PC for the MovieBox application.

There are two different ways to install and start using the MovieBox application, you can either opt to download the Windows version of the MovieBox for PC app or you can even run MovieBox for PC Android application on your Windows computer as well.

Today we are here with guides for both the methods to help you better.

Installation Guide for MovieBox for PC:

To install the MovieBox for PC Windows version on your computer:
  • Download the MovieBox for PC Windows version from here :

  • After downloading the software installer, launch the same and follow the on screen instructions to finish installing the MovieBox for PC Windows version on your computer.
And that’s it. That’s how easily you can download and install MovieBox for PC Windows version. However, the Windows version does not support all systems. Therefore, it is a good idea to download, install and use the Android APK of MovieBox application.

If you are interested in downloading, installing and using the MovieBox for PC Android app on your Windows powered PC, then below is how you can do the same without making any mistakes:

  • First of all, you will need to download and install the BlueStacks Android Emulator from bluestack official site (google it ).

  • Windows PC does not allow you to run Android apps, so the BlueStacks Android Emulator lets you run native Android applications on your Windows powered computer.

  • After downloading and installing the BlueStacks Android Emulator on your Windows PC, launch the same from your computer.

  • Now, you will be asked to login to your BlueStacks account using your account credentials. Type in your username and password, or create a new BlueStacks account.

  • Once you login to your BlueStacks account, you will then be able to download Android applications from within the BlueStacks software and then run it on your Windows PC. BlueStacks lets you to search, download and install Android applications from the official Google Play Store and also from other third party application market for Android such as the Amazon App Store. So, chances are, no matter which Android app you are looking for, you will find a supported version in the BlueStacks Android Emulator to run in your PC.

  • You will find a Search bar at the top of the BlueStacks software window. Type in “MovieBox” and search for the app.

  • Once the MovieBox app is found in the search results, download and install the same and you will now be able to run the MovieBox for PC Android app on your Windows computer.

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And now that is it. Hope you found this is simple tutorial with the guide that showed you the installation process for MovieBox for PC app in Windows computers helpful. If you did, then do share this article and let your friends start using MovieBox for PC as well.

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