Saturday, December 28, 2013

LG plan to wow the CES 2014 mob with its first 105” Curved Ultra HD TV in the world

LG plans to wow the CES 2014 crowd with first 105” Curved Ultra HD TV in the world

With the upcoming ces 2014,the most anticipated tech event of world ,the companies seems to be gearing up their stuff to make their roars reach masses by showing the lates upcoming and innovative tech products in the coming years...with this race of companies to rob the hearts of of the people next year ,LG a tech giant is also trying to make the roars of its product loudest for the upcoming ces 2014 by reviling the next gen world first 105'' curved ultra hd tv ,yes don't be shocked it will have ultra hd 4k+ resolution screen that too at 105'' inch 

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has always been the place for tech giants to roll out and showcase their latest technologies and new innovation of companies, hoping to wow the people along the way. Having said that, we have seen some pretty impressive releases in the past, TV segment always does have something new for us in the treasure box companies. For next year’s show of CES, the folks  and staff over at LG has lined up another world’s first, which is their LG 105UB9, where in plain English, it would be better known as the first 105” Curved Ultra HD TV in the world.
Sure, there has been larger sized TVs revealed in the past such as those from Mitsubishi and Panasonic that ran on different technologies such as plasma,led,lcd,oled,super amoled etc, but those did not have any curves that the LG 105UB9 has to offer next year. 
At such a large size, you will be able to enjoy magnificent picture quality as well as a wide viewing angle, where the Ultra HD TV itself will be able to render even the most minute detail in breathtaking clarity so that you, the viewer, will be able to enjoy an unprecedented level of viewer immersion.this is definitely meant for ultra opulent people who could spare large money to buy this giant for their dinning rooms ,as this will not be a cheap deal and that for sure
Apart from that, the LG 105UB9’s cinematically proportioned 21:9 CinemaScope screen makes it perfect for enjoying movies the way they were meant to be shown on the silver screen and even better than that because its 4k ultra hd display. it will offer all the possible capabilities of smart tv i.e internet access and all that. The LG 105UB9 will boast of 11 million pixel (5120 x 2160) screen resolution, which are far more pixels than you can shake a stick at compared to a regular Full HD TV.

As for pricing details, that remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – it is not going to come cheap considering the kind of technology that it comes with.
so as we know lg tv offer good stuff from long time,we have see what lg gives at the prices corner for this massive 4k ultra hd 105'' display.

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