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hike for pc windows guide

Hike for pc windows free download

With the advancement of technology and accessibility of internet to all the world has become a very small place. The people can now connect to their friends and relative present at any corner of the world. It shortens the gap between peoples. The process has become easy with the introduction of Instant messaging.

hike for pc windows guideThe instant messaging services are the communicating services the intent to deliver messages instantly in any corner of the world and that too with no cost. 
The users can now chat with anyone without any hustle and delay. The whole process is done over Internet connectivity. With the development of messaging apps like facetime for PC,kik for PC ,IMO for PC and many more the works have become easier.

These apps can be installed on both PC and mobile devices. This lets the user chat with more ease. In this section, I am going to tell about a widely used messaging app-THE HIKE MESSENGER.

What is Hike:

Hike messenger for pc is an instant messaging service. The hike messenger lets the user communicate with other users through internet connectivity. It is cross-platform messaging service. It can instantly send and receive messages.

In addition to that, the hike is also capable of sending images, audios, contacts, videos,  files, voice messages, and location. It has also many emojis and stickers which let the user express their emotions and feelings.

How to download hike for PC:

The hike is not yet available for PC in the form of the exe file. But it can be used in PC. The application is basically designed for android, ios and windows mobile platform. This can be a bit difficult for the PC users as some are comfortable to use messaging apps from PC.

There are several ways of downloading and installing hike messenger on PC. The ARC Welder by Google chrome and Bluestacks app player e.t.c can be used to run hike messenger on PC. We will be taking Bluestacks as the main medium for the use of hike on PC. To accomplish the installation we have to download the Bluestacks app player.

The bluestack app player is a free software and can be downloaded easily. Here is the link for the download-(http://www.bluestacks.com/download.html?utm_campaign=homepage-dl-button). After download and installing it ,we can download the hike messenger.

How to install:

The bluestacks after installation creates a virtual android environment on the windows. The bluestacks after download should be installed. After the installation is complete the user needs to create a new or login with a Google account.

Completion of the login process will lead the user to an android OS environment. The environment has all the components that any android mobile has. So on the home screen, we can see the playstore. The playstore has all the apps that we need. He has to search for the HIKE MESSENGER.

After we find the app he has to install it by allowing all the required permissions. The hike will then get installed.  The installation will take time depending on the user's connectivity. The installation work is now complete. Both the files i.e BLUESTACKS APP PLAYER AND HIKE MESSENGER are installed and ready for use.

How to use hike on PC:

The hike messenger is installed now on the bluestacks. The users can now notice that the hike icon has appeared on the app tray. The app tray has been designed accurately as the mobile phones so that the users can find the required app easily.

The hike app should now be executed. To open the hike we have to single click on the hike logo. The hike main page will now open in the app. The page will consist of login options. The first thing that the user will need is a valid mobile phone number.

The user has to enter the mobile phone number in the required place. The app will then check for the number. The user will then receive a one-time password. The password will be delivered to the given mobile number. The user now has to enter the received OTP to the hike messenger.

Entering the otp will validate the account of the user. The user now has successfully created an account. The account can now be customized according to the needs of the user. The account shall be further verified with email. The users can now add their details.

The account can be named accordingly to the users with. They can either name the account with their personal names or with any desired name.

Then comes the great part of adding a profile picture. The profile picture can be added with the user's consent and user could change and replace it by their will. This feature also helps the user to recognize the message sender. The app will then be ready for use and the user should be able to send and receive messages.

The contacts should be then synchronized with the pace so that the app has access to contacts. The hike messenger will then show the available contacts that are using hike messenger. Then the user can communicate with them. The hike messenger is now ready. The messages will be typed by keyboard as input.

Uses of hike messenger:

The hike messenger have several uses in terms of communication. The hike messenger is cable of sending and receiving the message over the internet. The hike automatically configures itself with the available information provided by the user. The ability to send and receive a numerous number of messages.

With that, the hike also offers a podium to send pictures. This reduces the use of email to send pictures. The hike also lets the user send various document over the internet. It is also capable of sending and receiving files like video, audio files. The hike messenger also can share locations so that the receiver can have an idea of the sender's place.

The hike messenger also can send voice messages which let the user express his thoughts in voice. Ultimately the hike messenger lets the user have high accessibility over sharing files.

The hike messenger is used widely used by users. The users can easily send and receive messages now. The messenger lets the user enhance the messaging service. With that, the main factor is it is free of cost.

Hike messenger for pc features:

The hike messenger is designed with a great and distinct user interface. The hike messenger offers a very good background and the background is customizable. The user can set any picture of their wish to the background of chat screen. The message tones can also be customized and the user can set a tone as their wish.

The hike messenger also allows the user to make groups. The group chats allow the user to add several members to a single group and makes it easy for the sender to send multiple messages to a single group at once to multiple peoples.

The hike has a special feature that If a sender sends a message but the receiver is offline at that moment the hike server sends an offline message in the form of SMS with the content.The hike has also the stories which let the user post some pictures and share to the contacts.

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The hike messenger also has a huge collection of stickers based on several genres. It includes several stickers based of Bollywood also. Ultimately the hike messenger is a very good way of messaging.

It offers a huge amount of customization and flexibility and lets the user have a good messaging experience. As it is an Indian made app it is a boon for Indian consumers.By following the steps the users can now easily install and use hike messenger on their PC.

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