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instagram for pc windows

Instagram for PC windows free download

Human has the ability to share their feelings and expressions to others. This can be done with the help of speech. The speech and language help us to easily share our feelings and express everything to others. As the technology has advanced and human has developed many ways to share their feelings virtually.

The 21st century led the way for the development of various social networking sites which basically lets the user share feelings in the form of pictures, quotes and may be videos. The social networking sites have a high impact on the people of this era. This helps the users to elaborate themselves to the world. The social networks also help the people to know about the vast world easily.

There are many social networks out there where you can join and can know a huge number of people. The social networks can be accessed easily with the help of PC and smartphones. There are several apps by which anyone can create an account of the social networks.

In this section, I would be talking about a photo sharing social network-INSTAGRAM

What is Instagram-Instagram is basically a social network?

This is a bit different kind of social network. It is a kind of social network which lets you share your feelings through PICTURES. The Instagram lets you post your memory and let you express yourself to the world with a live scenario of you feeling. With Instagram, you can easily post you clicked pictures. With that, you can also add your words to it.It is a very user-friendly social network and lets you show yourself through picture medium.

The Instagram also lets you post several images together.It enables you to share all the memories together.The Instagram also has the feature to share a particular video on the page. The viewers can watch the video and take part in your journey. You can also post GIF images on the Instagram.

How to download Instagram on the PC?

Instagram app is not officially available for PC. But with the help of the below-mentioned methods, we can use it on PC.

Instagram can be used on PC with different methods. The Instagram is primarily a website. The website lets you use it easily. You can easily login or signup on the official website and can use it on PC. The website has several options to choose from and lets you use it without any hustle.

You can follow the link to use instagram for PC. With that, you will be accessible to Instagram on PC.

But there is another method which can be used to download the Instagram app for PC and use it. For this, we need to download the Bluestacks android app player. The blue stacks is basically a virtual android environment which lets you download and play and android app on your PC. This is completely free and you can download it easily from the link provided below. Here is the link for the

Here is the link for the download:http://www.bluestacks.com/download.html?utm_campaign=homepage-dl-button.After the download is complete please install the bluestacks app player.

How to install Instagram for windows?

The bluestacks basically creates a virtual android environment on the PC to install instagram apk on pc. After the installation is complete you will see the bluestacks on the desktop of your PC. The bluestacks should be opened. After opening you will notice that the player has an exact UI as that of an android device.

The player will then ask you to log in. You can login here with your google account or you can also create a new one. After the login process is complete, search for the google play store. Then run the google play store.  The google play store will run and you then have to search for Instagram.

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After the search is complete, and you receive the app. You have to download it. The download will begin instantly and depend on the connection status the download time will be set.

When the installation is complete you will see the Instagram icon on the app tray.

This resembles that the download part is complete and you have both the files the bluestack and the Instagram ready on your PC.

How to use it on PC?

After installing the app on bluestack you can easily find it in the app tray. The app tray is designed accurately and as same as the app tray found on the android devices. After you find the app icon of Instagram you have to click on it. This will open the app and you will be able to use it. The first menu that will appear will request you to login or signup. If you have already created an account on Instagram then you will just have to put the login id and the Instagram password.

This will log you in and you will be accessible to your account. If you have not created an account earlier then you have to click on the signup menu.

For signing up you have to enter several personal details. The first thing you need to enter is your mobile number or email. Then accordingly you have to enter your full name, your desired password and ultimately your username. The user name can be of your choice. It can be anything but sometimes it becomes quite difficult to have a user name of your choice.

After completion of filling up all the details your next step would be to verify your account. If you have entered your mobile number the process would be carried out through OTP. But if you have chosen email then you have to verify your account through email.

After all the verification is complete, The next step enables you to add a profile picture. Then you can add your desirable profile picture or any graphic image.

All the required process for login is now complete. Now, will receive some profiles based on your location to follow. This basically include movie actors , cricketers, politicians etc.You can follow them by your choice or search for people to follow.

Your all process to start using instagram for windows pc is now complete and you can now use it easily on PC.

Uses of Instagram for pc

The Instagram is a social networking site which is used by many users to share pictures. The Instagram is also used to used to share videos. When you snap a picture and you want to share it.

Just you need to open the Instagram app and click on the + button located blow. After you click on it You can add pictures from your gallery. After selecting the pictures you can edit it by Instagram or you can add filters to your picture. This lets you enhance the quality and appearance of your picture.

On the bottom, you have 5 buttons- HOME, SEARCH,+, LIKES AND NOTIFICATION, PROFILE. With these buttons, you can navigate through the pages and options of your Instagram account.

You also can upload videos. The videos are also uploaded with the + button from your gallery. To this, you can also add filters.

On uploading you can tag your followings and followers, with that you can add location and status.

Instagram is also capable of sending and receiving messages. You can easily send and receive a message by clicking the arrow on the top-right corner.

You can also send disappearing photos with the camera, which will click picture by the camera and on sending will slowly disappear.

As the Instagram is now owned by facebook you can now link your facebook account with your Instagram and post on both media with just a single post.

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So this is all the available features of Instagram for PC windows that are available on Instagram. This will enable a hustle free and vivid social networking experience.So with the above explanation, you are able to use Instagram. The Instagram can be easily used on the PC.

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